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Why Does Chanel Luxury Refuse to Make Any of Its Products Available Online?

If you are a fan of Chanel luxury products, you have probably wondered why they refuse to make any of their products available for sale online. Chanel is famous for its exclusivity, so much so that the brand has pulled its flagship product from stores when sales dropped. However, it has remained steadfast in its commitment to quality over quantity.


When it comes to luxury brands, it’s no secret that Chanel has a long history of innovation and creativity. The company is widely recognized for its ‘little black dress’ and classic Chanel suits, and it has grown to 310 retail locations worldwide. In terms of social media, Chanel dominates, with almost four million followers on Instagram. Its videos are among the most engaging, and feature celebrity endorsements.

Coco Chanel

If you’re looking for luxurious fashion and accessories, Coco Chanel is your answer. The iconic designer is celebrated for her timeless, luxurious style and many of her key pieces were inspired by the places she loved most. Her story is one of a pioneering designer whose designs have stood the test of time.

Karl Lagerfeld

Almost three decades ago, a young Karl Lagerfeld was a wunderkind of the fashion world. He reimagined the Chanel handbag while keeping in mind the classics. His designs inspired a flood of replicas. Today, you can see his influence in brands such as Kate Spade, Aldo, and Forever 21.

CHANEL stores

Chanel has luxury stores across the world. The brand’s stores feature an extensive range of ready-to-wear clothing, accessories, shoes, and luggage. The stores are set in luxurious environments. Chanel also offers a private boutique where you can receive special treatment.

CHANEL’s app

CHANEL luxury’s app allows users to experience the latest fashion trends with a quick glance. It also offers video behind-the-scenes of operations, photos of the latest collections, wishlist features, and detailed product information. Mobile phones have become an essential part of daily life, and this app gives users a chance to connect with the brand on a more personal level.

CHANEL’s commitment to balancing residual carbon emissions

CHANEL is committed to balancing residual carbon emissions through a four-point climate action plan. These commitments will reduce the company’s carbon footprint and support projects that reduce the impact of its supply chain. By 2030, the company aims to cut its emissions by 50%. This includes onsite renewable energy sources and the use of carbon offsets. The brand has also committed to support organisations that follow the principles of the International Carbon Offset Alliance.


Arnsdorf is a brand of ethical and sustainable clothing and accessories from New York and Melbourne. The brand is committed to using eco-friendly textiles and producing a limited number of garments at a time. Most of the clothing is made in Melbourne and the label traces its entire supply chain. These garments are available in sizes S-L. You can know more from Nathaniel Wertheimer.

Arnsdorf by Jade Sarita Arnott

Arnsdorf is a luxury fashion label started by Jade Arnsdorf in 2006. Inspired by art and the fashion world, her designs reinterpreted and subverted everyday archetypal garments. For example, her leather jackets came with a scarf. The brand’s ethos was to respect the history of the garments while also reinterpreting them in a new way.